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         Wuxi Best Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Lake Li, a beautiful landscape. The establishment of the company created a precedent of tooling (fixture) industry in China. Wuxi Best has provided customers with vast high precision, complicated & large-sized fixtures in past over 10 years and has made great contribution for the localization of key auto components and units.  The company was awarded the title of &ldquoState High & New Tec Enterprise&rdquo in 2003. Now, our fine fixtures have been widely used on many advanced auto component production lines all over China with the state-of-art machinery imported from different countries to continuously turn out consistent quality products. In fact, we are not only to simply supply the clamping and fixing appliances for holding components. Since the founding of Tooling (Fixture) R & D Center between Shanghai Jiaotong University and Wuxi Best in 2003, the technical team from both parties have focused on research of the movement imitation, clamping deformation analysis and special material cutting mechanism consistently. These fruitful research achievements have become the foundation of achieving stability and high precision of machining and have played an important & irreplaceable role in fixture design. Quick interchangeable, safety, compatibility and humanization in operation are also brought into our target in design. As an industrial pioneer, Wuxi Best is leading and will be continuously leading the tooling (fixture) industry to a new age and meanwhile meets its customers&rsquo needs in all aspects.  Wuxi Best established its own machining section to produce precision components in 1999. With the development of machining business, we have produced components served in automotive, telecom, air conditioning and tool industries.  We successfully made the first microwave mechanical filter housing in 2001 for POWERWAVE & RFS companies, USA in China, which has epoch-making significance. Now, Wuxi Best has developed a completed processing chain of telecom products from precision die casting to surface treatment. The rich processing experience makes us to involve the initial design and process assessment for a new product development with customer so that our customers can save a lot of cost and also get sufficient development lead time & cost reduction. That&rsquos the core making Wuxi Best stronger in competition. Followed by the principles of sharing burdens of the customers, creating benefits to customers and working hard to make customers happy, we have established a joyful cooperative relationship with the globe plants of our customers for years.  

        The excellent engineering ability has been reflected further in the manufacturing of automotive turbocharger. Through the consistent improvement for years, Wuxi Best has made the breakthrough of limit of the traditional machining technology. We have reached a high level of machining hardened steel & high-temperature alloy both in efficiency and accuracy. Up to now, we have provided over ten million précised components with a tolerance less than 10 micro meters to our customers. It is no longer a problem to achieve a high machining stability by using high automatic precision machining equipment and comprehensive measuring technology. As a core supplier of Honeywell and CTT (Wuxi), we have actively participated in the research and development of next generation turbocharger in terms of discharge standard and made our great efforts.  

        Thanks to control of the core technology, Wuxi Best is recognized by some of our customers as only one supplier for some components without substitution. For instance, the unit of intake & outtake valve plate, which controls the intake and outtake of the refrigerating compressor, shall be completed in machining by several complicated processes. Long-term stabilized quality makes Wuxi Best one of very few strategic suppliers of Carrier Company with Q+3 grade of quality management ability.  

        Our process solution project also includes blank material, such as we have precision die casting facility as well as several strategic cooperative partners of other types of raw materials.  

        The reason we can quickly provide product samples to our customers and meet their demand on small quantity order is mostly due to the support by the complete industrial supplying chain which has been established for a long time and our advanced manufacturing equipment. The inspiration of technology is from successive practice while the needs of practice drive technical progress. With the interactive development of tooling and machining businesses, Wuxi Best exhibits its perfect technical creativity as well as rich experience to its customers.  

        Wuxi Best is a national company, as well as an international company. It has been maintaining a good communication and cooperation with many companies in different countries and regions in the world. We strictly adhere to the international quality management standard, conscientiously listen to proposals & complaints from customers and learn from advanced management method from them so as to make our company as a world level plant. We the same as people in the world pay great attention to harmony of human and nature and bear more social responsibility.  

        Art is something beyond national borders. Wuxi Best fully agrees with this philosophy. The development of a new product is the same as the birth of an artwork, which needs repeated deliberation & conception. Wuxi Best, a company seeking for perfection, will focus on making products with the same attitude of carving a work of art. Don&rsquot hesitate to tell us what&rsquos your needs and demands!

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