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+ With the constant upgrade of quality system, Wuxi Best has achieved ISO9001:2000 & ISO/TS16949/BVQI quality system certification. We have established a perfect organization to ensure the implementation of the quality objectives and policy, as well as to achieve excellent product quality through strict process control. Comprehensive measurement & in-process SPC have been widely used on production line. Quality level for automotive components has been reached ≤100 PPM.

+ Advanced product quality planning (APQP) will be kicked off immediately once a business relationship has been established between Wuxi Best and our customer. The level of planning details will produce immeasurable effect on the final quality, especially the overall quality level in mass production. Our approval process for mass production will thoroughly free our clients from worries.

+ Failure analysis & summary of quality performance in the past are the most effective way to constantly improve the product quality. Wuxi Best is focusing on process stability and improving error proofing.

+ The perfect on-line inspection and metrology inspection help us to get correct control of product quality, upon which control react can be developed. The analysis of overall measuring system can help us to reflect any defect correctly. Wuxi Best has ability of measuring length, diameter, profile (surface roughness), roundness, hardness, location and chemical compositions as well as is capable of doing calibration. We have also established an all-round cooperation with the authoritative third party for the inspection of ROHS, metallography and mechanical property.

+ Wuxi Best has established a supplier management system to ensure that quality at very beginning is under control.

+ Good business relationship with lots of world famous companies for years shows that Wuxi Best has trustable quality control ability.
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